On the gentle western slopes facing the Mediterranean of our 2900 hectare estate (7100 acres), one-third is cultivated in noble vines, and the balance in olive groves, wheat, truffles and plums, and forests filled with deer, wild boar and pheasants.

Forty million years ago, our terra lay beneath the sea. Fossilized shells nourish our vines. The soil is poor; vines grow deep. Grapes grown in our maritime soils produce wines of elegant and subtle character, unique to southern Tuscany.

Our terra, rich in clay and calcium, regulates growth and adds complexity. Stones, rounded by the Orcia and Ombrone Rivers impart distinctive minerals to our white wines. Our decades of clonal and enological research, especially focused on our red grape varieties, have been registered with the European Community and shared with all. These endeavors gave rise to the renaissance of Brunello and the creation of “Super Tuscan” wines.

Castello Banfi vineyard estates in southern Tuscany