Comments on Aging

Castello Banfi wines are age-worthy like their noble ancestors, yet they are also very approachable in their youth. The wines are soft with lush fruit character and a structure that can be appreciated immediately upon release due to our innovative work in the vineyards and at the winery. Intensive research in clonal selection, single vineyard development, dedication to lowering sulfites and histamines, custom made specially-aged barriques, and unfiltered winemaking are some of the techniques that make this possible.

While the optimal age of a wine is a matter of personal taste, it is reasonable to expect the single vineyard varietals like Tavernelle Cabernet Sauvignon, Mandrielle Merlot, Colvecchio Syrah, as well as our proprietary cuvees ExcelsuS, SummuS and Cum Laude, to age well an additional decade following their release. Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino, and to an even greater extent the Poggio alle Mura and riserva Poggio all'Oro, live up to their reputation as wines that blossom with rich Brunello character after a decade or more of bottle aging (under appropriate cellar conditions, of course).